The Frontend

Make your event interactive and involve your participants! Ask interesting questions that are interesting for you, and also for your guests: Where do the participants come from? What is their professional background? Do they have different opinions about the event’s main topics?

Sure, this also works by simple show of hands. But with Vopinio, your voting is more up-to-date, more precise and even more fun for your guests: Participants use their smartphone or tablet to quickly and anonymously share their opinions and vote.

The result is available in a few seconds and can be immediately commented on by the host or expert. They can also be used during the course of the event.

Everyone is familiar with this: there is an exciting debate on-stage, the audience listens carefully and then the host opens up the space for questions from the audience. Let’s be honest, there are rarely any questions that are really helpful to advance the discussion. This is why the moderation of an open round is pretty complicated, too: Very often there is not much time for questions.

The moderator never knows whether interesting questions will pop up or not. How to deal with an irrelevant contribution without annoying the guest? Vopinio, however, guarantees the quality of a debate.

By pressing the button “ask smart” all participants of your event can ask their questions via smartphone; anytime and anonymously!

The Backend

Vopinio‘s control centre: easy to understand and intuitive handling.


At this point, you edit questions and possible answers before the event starts. It is your decision to define the number of response options and you can edit the text modules for a greeting- and/or pause message. In this section it is possible to upload up to two logos that are visible in the voting window (Business).

The order of questions and answers can always be easily changed by dragging and dropping.

Product 1


During the event, you can moderate the process here. Everything at a glance. You see what participants see before and after voting on their smartphones. And they can see a preview of the live presentation on the screen – without looking into the hall.

Participants can fully focus on the content as you guide them from one question to the next. All votes are controlled from the backend, in close cooperation with the moderation on stage. If desired, the question sequence can also be controlled by the moderator himself.

Without the viewer having to be active, the result is immediately displayed on his or her smartphone. The display on the big screen can also be controlled from the backend with a mouse click.

The results of the survey can be immediately commented on by the moderator and / or expert and to be included in the event. Not on e vote will be lost and the participants are in the thick of it – not just on the sidelines.

Product 2