Use cases 1

With Vopinio you can make your event interactive and let the participants join in quickly and easily. Live, via smartphone!

No matter if lectures or podium discussions – the audience is often only passively involved. But makes your event interactive. forms a bridge between the podium and the plenum – short, concise and informative.

Viewers can answer questions immediately and at the same time or participate in podium discussions. How? Via smartphone – live, anonymous and without an app or plugin to install.

The reactions are immediately visible to everyone – in the smartphone browser and on a special page on the screen on stage. If you broadcast the event via live streaming, viewers who are not in the room can also get involved!

Use cases 2

Create anonymous performance images, ask for opinions, and and arouse the interest of your students through interaction.

Use cases 3

Communicate your teaching content in a new, interactive way. See how much your students already know and if there is backlog demand.

Vocational Training
Use cases 4

Even in small groups, the use of Vopinio is worthwhile. Ask for focal points and opinions and keep your group focused.

If you come from the educational environment, we grant you particularly favorable conditions. Please contact us!
Use cases 5

There are many coaching alternatives today. No matter if group, team or project coaching: communication between and with each other plays an important role.

Be a smart Coach and use Vopinio as an innovative and modern tool to motivate your coachees to participate and express opinions.

Get honest group feedback by anonymous voting or questioning. Your coachings will be more interesting and even more honest while using Vopinio.

Brainstorming and feedback sessions are becoming more varied and honest through the use of Vopinio. Collect statements and opinions and put them to vote at the touch of a button.

Use cases 6

Video memories, sharing the most beautiful moments on social media or just a selfie in front of the stage: events without a smartphone are irreplaceable today. Use this fact and make your guests an active part of the event.

Let the audience decide which song the band or orchestra should play next. In a competition, your on-site viewers decide who will be the winner. No matter if 50 or 5000 participants – technically everything is possible.

And not only that: The viewers of your live streamed event can also participate from home. Open your event far beyond the scene.